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Mural at West Main and West First in Prescott, courtesy of Ragsdale Printing
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 In memoriam, Charles Ray Cross Saturday, September 9, 2014, 2:58 am CDT 

The Precott Community Freenet Association completed one if its original missions (bringing Internet service to Prescott) on September 13, 1999. That's when the last telephone line (for dial-in service) was disconnected because we had secured a permanent internet provider for the community. is operated by the Prescott Community Freenet Association.
History of PCFA
E-mail coming FROM a PCFA.ORG address is bogus. Ignore and/or delete any messages from @PCFA.ORG. One exception: the administrator's "personal" account has an autoresponder and messages from it cryptically explain how to contact him.
A few people have their PCFA.ORG e-mail forwarded to another mailbox, however, any response from an email to that address will come from the other address, not from @PCFA.ORG.

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Mural at West Main and West First in Prescott, courtesy of Ragsdale Printing